Therapeutic Exercise

Movement is a foundation of our treatment philosophy here at Axiom Physiotherapy. We are experts in Austin, Texas in helping you move better to be able to return to the things you love without fear or restriction.

Have you wondered if you are doing the right exercises? Have you thought the exercises you are doing now are making it more likely that you will be injured?
While we enjoy very much providing manual therapy to our patients, we all know that to have any long-term success with managing injuries we need to properly load the affected areas. At Axiom Physiotherapy, we will provide a custom home exercise program that will compliment self-treatment options.

We understand that your time is valuable and so is ours. We will create and review a very detailed home exercise program but we also won’t just watch you do exercises in front of us once you feel comfortable doing them. At Axiom PT, we want to make sure every minute is used to help back towards full recovery.



Frequently asked questions

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When should I get back to my activity?

This is the question we get most often and is a challenging question. Every situation is different. But at Axiom PT, we believe that most people should remain active during their recovery. In very rare cases we may suggest you take a break from physical activity in order to decrease your pain. Please contact us at 512-808-3904 so we can better assist you.

What if the exercises make me worse?

Please contact us right away at Axiom Physiotherapy if your symptoms worsen with the exercises we give you or with any other activities. We will do our best to get back to you right away.

Should I continue my exercises even when I’m not having any more pain?

Yes. This can’t be stressed enough. Exercise is like medication except the benefits extend way beyond taking a pill. We highly encourage all of our patients to keep up with the exercises we give them even when they get out of pain to work towards being stronger than they were prior to the injury.

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