Running Analysis

Have you ever told to stop running because it was just going to make your pain worse? Have you ever thought if I could just make changes to running form, then I might finally figure how to avoid the same injury again?
The ability to use a high-speed camera at 120 frames per second captures things not possible with the eye. We will utilize both a rear and side view in order to provide the most comprehensive run analysis possible.
We evaluate your running form in real time to provide immediate feedback in order to get you running at your best and without restriction. We will begin to makes changes, if needed, to your running form that day to get back on the trail running with less pain or restriction. 



Frequently asked questions

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What is a running analysis?

At Axiom Physiotherapy, we take great detail to observe each part of your running form. Prior to the run analysis, we will review your injury history, if any, assess your shoes and mileage, and concerns with potential injury. The whole session will take around 50-60 minutes.

Will I have access to my analysis?

You will receive a detailed frame-by-frame analysis within 24 hours of your session with comments on the videos. You will also be provided a detailed written report and access to home exercise video library to address your specific needs as a runner.

What should I wear for my run analysis?

You should wear normal running clothes and the shoes you primarily run in for the analysis. If you rotate between two pairs of shoes, please bring them both so we can assess them both.

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